2018 Seattle Marathon Scheduled For November 25

October 25th, 2018 by

The 2018 Seattle Marathon is scheduled to race into the city on November 25th. Traversing many urban areas and encircling Lake Union throughout various points, the event has been an area standard since 1970.

Not ready for the 26 plus miles? You have other options too, including a Half Marathon, 5K, 10K, and Kids Fun Run. (Runners will want to note that the 2018 Full marathon course comes with 21% less elevation gain and the Half Marathon course features 25% less elevation gain).

But really, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to put their body through the ultimate challenge (assuming they’ve done the proper prep work and are in good health) that running a full marathon provides? We get butterflies in our stomach just thinking about the nature of this unique challenge. Before you make that dash toward the finish line, however, you’ll want to make sure that you’re well prepared.

10 Tips for Running a Full Marathon

Run a half marathon. Conventional wisdom (and logic) ring true with this tip: excellence is built in stages. What better way to assess your progress toward the completion of an ultimate goal than by measuring yourself at its halfway mark? Try running a half marathon about a month out from your full marathon pursuits; how you perform here should be a great indication of how you’ll perform at the big dance. Just don’t call it the application of walk before you run mentality, because half marathons are anything but a walk in the park.
Topography! Topography! Topography! This tip is actually a supplement to the first one. Not only should you run a half marathon, but when you do so, its topography should mimic (or at least resemble) that which you expect to pass over during your full marathon. So: if your full marathon has hills, your half-marathon should too and so on…
It’s all about rhythm. Running, like dancing, is all about rhythm. Develop yours by matching the time you start your practice runs to the time that you expect to begin the 2018 Seattle Marathon. Doing so enables you to synchronize your body’s rhythms for maximum performance during the day of the big race.
Avoid injuries like shin splints. Of course, it’s not feasible to continually run half marathons as you practice for the real deal. Nor is it advisable to spend your time training solely on asphalt, due to the toll that this type of training will inevitably take on your body. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure to keep yourself healthy year round─and avoid nagging injuries like shin splints─by training on a variety of different terrains. These include grass, earth, synthetic surfaces, and woodland terrain, among others.
Dress like a pro. Maximize your performance by dressing like a professional runner. When in doubt, where clothes/ materials that are compatible with long-distance running. That means ditching the cotton in favor of materials like acrylic socks, nylon, polyester, and Lycra, as well as winter fabrics like synthetic fleece.
Ready. Set. Race! Rairdon’s Fiat of Kirkland wishes all the participants in the 2018 Seattle Marathon good luck in their journey to be their best.

Have a fun & safe race,

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