40 Ways to Keep up With Italian Trends For Women

July 22nd, 2019 by

  1. Summer in Milan
  2. Stay for their Fashion Week that takes place in September
  3. Winter in Milan
  4. Actually, just stay in Milan year-round
  5. Pair a red dress with black heels
  6. Choose embellished heels
  7. *Never sacrifice your comfort for your fashion* 
  8. Drop by Butch Blum in Seattle
  9. Google the name Chiara Ferragni
  10. Peruse the Amalfi Coast
  11. Google (the equally elegant name) Sonia Peronaci
  12. Eat at Gurdulù in Florence—its sophisticated retro vibe is just so on point
  13. Take pictures in front of neon backdrops with no regrets
  14. Don’t forget Paris and New York!
  15. #Winelips
  16. Actual wine
  17. Re-energizing your body + mind while resting on curving sofa units (after all the actual wine)
  18. Glide through the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy (on elegant heels)
  19. Wear flat-top sunglasses, especially when it’s not sunny
  20. Embrace polka dots
  22. Browse Bermuda Shorts
  23. *Pair a miniskirt with a turtleneck*
  24. Smokey eyes
  25. Bold + busy prints
  26. #barelytheremakeup
  27. Drive a FIAT
  28. Drive a 2019 FIAT 124 Spider
  29. Drive a FIAT 500c
  30. Google the names Claudia Cardinale, Sofia Loren, and Monica Vitti (these women are Italy’s answer to Grace Kelly)
  31. *Add a dash of sparkle & glitter to your makeup*
  32. #Redlips
  33. #Berrylips
  34. Skip the Cannoli and grab the strawberry tiramisu
  35. Sip an Aperol Spritzer
  36. Rock ultra-volumized hair
  37. Long, embellished, asymmetrical earrings
  38. Midi rings
  39. Layered necklaces—these can be a mixture of choker type necklaces + longer chains
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