Tom Hanks’ New Fiat

December 1st, 2017 by

Fiat has always been about expressing your personality and the appeal of the highly customizable, economical, and affordable Fiat has attracted the attention of unique buyers from across the globe. Fiat has dazzled the imaginations of consumers from the contemporary and trendy tight budgeted city dwellers to ultra-famous celebrities like Tom Hanks, yes, Tom Hanks. Many consider Tom Hanks to be one of the most iconic American actors and last fall he shared with the world his love for the Polish Fiat 126P.

Tom Hanks tweeted several photos of himself posing with various Fiat 126Ps over the course of a few weeks while he was in Poland. Every time the actor came across one of these iconic 70’s Fiats he tweeted a picture with the caption, “I got a new car!” While Tom Hanks never purchased one of these Fiat classics while he was in Poland he did express an extreme interest in the vehicle.

A local resident of Bielsko-Biala in Poland, Monika Jaskolska, saw Tom Hanks’ tweets and decided she would raise money to send the actor one of these beloved Polish Fiats as a gift. Jaskolska managed to raise more than $2,000 on Facebook to purchase and restore a Fiat 126P. Jaskolska also stated that any funds left over from the project would be donated to local Polish hospitals.

It wasn’t easy for her to find a Fiat 126P but after searching the entire country she managed to find one in the town of Suwalki. The owner, who wished to remain annonomous, was moved by her mission and offered her a turquoise blue model, for free.

To Jaskolska surprise, after receiving the Fiat 126P for free, Polish rally driver Rafał Sonik offered $10,000 to restore the Fiat. The Fiat would still need to be shipped overseas to Tom Hanks and to do so Polish national airline LOT offered to transport the vehicle to the U.S. free of charge.

Tom Hanks, who was unaware that the country had come together in order to gift him one of his dream cars, responded to Jaskolska through twitter.

Today at 9:16 am the Embassy of Poland US has confirmed that the Polish Fiat 126P was loaded aboard a LOT Dreamliner for shipment to Tom Hanks in the US.

It could still be a few weeks before this car officially arrives in the driveway of Tom Hanks, but we are excited to see just how much he loves his new Fiat!

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