All About the FIAT Giannini 350 GP

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Is the Fiat Giannini 350 GP the ultimate Fiat 500? Learn what it brings to the table here and decide for yourself.

FIAT and Giannini
Designed for you to fall in love, FIAT offers you stylish, compact vehicles that come in both two and four doors.

Their lineup consists of electric, non-electric, and convertible vehicles.

What’s more, they give you options that are roomy or more intimate. In business for over a century and long-regarded as one of

Europe’s favorite car brands, the FIAT group acquired 100% ownership in the Chrysler Group in early 2014.

Giannini, who works directly with FIAT, performs after-sales service work for Italian cars.

This includes sports-engine tuning for racing vehicles.

The automobiles that Giannini has modified have had a near-constant presence on Italian racetracks throughout previous decades.

Why FIAT Giannini 350 GP?
A nod to longevity, the FIAT Giannini 350 GP was conceptualized + built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Italian tuner Giannini.

It’s stylish and exclusive.

What’s more, this compact gem is all about muscle and aggression.

Not impressed yet? Then just take a closer look at its specs.

FIAT Giannini 350 GP Spec List
Built on the chassis of the Fiat 500 Abarth, the Giannini 350 GP has an aggressive design that’s tailor made for power and performance.

350 horsepower (as the model name suggests)
1.7-litre, turbocharged four-cylinder engine straight from the Alfa Romeo 4C sports car
Aluminum double-shaft motor
Top speed close to 160mph
Carbon fiber body
19” forged wheels + Brembo brakes
Pushrod suspension
Rally-style wing roof mount
Fiat Dealer Near Me
While the exclusivity* of the Giannini 350 GP puts it at a very premium price (its price tag is well north of $100,000), the Fiat 500 Abarth (which it’s built on) is so much more affordable.

In fact, the same holds true for most all of the brand’s models.

This includes the affordable

’19 500e, ’18 124 Spider, ’19 500X, and ’19 500L, which are all pictured below (in descending order) .

Don’t miss out on the sporty, compact stylishness that comes with being a FIAT owner.

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*The Giannini 350 GP is not a production vehicle. There are only roughly 100 units in circulation.

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