FIAT: What’s Behind the Name?

July 23rd, 2022 by

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What Does the Fiat Brand Name Mean?

Have you ever looked at the name of some of your favorite brands and wondered what exactly the name means or where it came from? You’ve probably wondered the same about FIAT. In fact, many people aren’t even sure how to pronounce it.

fiat logo on steering wheelFor what it’s worth, FIAT is pronounced like “fee-aht,” but even more interesting is the acronym behind the brand name. FIAT is spelled in all capital letters because it is an acronym. Therefore, FIAT stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. In English, this means Factory Italy Automotive Turin when translated directly. A slightly more indirect translation, but one that makes a bit more sense, is Italian Automobiles Factory, Turin.

In 1900, the first FIAT factory was indeed opened in Turin, a city in northern Italy known as a center of business and culture, though also known historically as a political center. Even today, Turin remains a manufacturer of the latest FIAT models.

Does FIAT Mean Anything in Italian or Latin?

So, is that all there is to it? Well the acronym is likely the most significant meaning behind the FIAT name, but if we dig deeper, it isn’t the only meaning to be found. 

FIAT may not have a meaning itself in modern Italian, but a meaning can be found in the more classical Latin language. The word “fiat” in Latin means “let it be done.” Now, we don’t know whether or not that Latin translation had anything to do with the original selection of the FIAT name. In all likelihood, it’s just a nice coincidence.

Of course, a brand name means nothing without an amazing product behind it. For well over a century, the FIAT name has been at the forefront of vehicle innovation, offering the world unique mobility options that stand the test of time. To see some of them for yourself, come see us at Rairdon’s FIAT of Kirkland.

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