Where is Fiat from?

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Where did Fiat originate?
Once you find something you love, whether it is an artist, sports team, an automotive brand, or anything in between, you might quickly be curious with its history or how it all started. It’s human nature to be fascinated with how things came to be. When you first meet someone new, the first thing you are likely is ask is where they are from and where they’ve been. History is interesting because no person or thing has the same exact story. That’s why we decided to take a peek at where Fiat originated and how that affects the brand today.

The Fiat brand first originated in Turin, Italy in 1899. The brand has gotten a reputation for its sleek Italian design. It is difficult to spend any time in Italy without seeing a Fiat. To help honor its heritage, Fiat USA put together a video series about what it the brand means to people living in America who have an Italian background.

History of Fiat

Fiat Video Series
The first video features Alyssa Dattoli, a pasta chef at Eataly in New York. She explains that Italy is part of who she is. When she sees a Fiat, it immediately brings her back to memories of Italy. She says that it’s easy to pick out a Fiat on the street because of its Italian heritage and design. There are no other vehicles quite like it. She even drives a Fiat 500x crossover in the video. She compares driving the Fiat 500x to making pasta, in the sense that she loses herself in what she’s doing.

To learn more about what people think of Fiat’s Italian heritage, check out all three videos in the series. If you are interested in learning more about the Fiat models featured in these videos, call or visit Fiat of Kirkland. We will be able to help you learn even more about these impressive vehicles. We can even help you schedule a test drive right here in the Seattle area.

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